19) Music Meets – Nicolette


In this edition of the Music Meets podcast MaJiKer’s guest is iconic singer-songwriter-producer Nicolette, celebrated for her pioneering solo albums as well as her numerous collaborations (Massive Attack, Plaid).

They unleash their inner freaks with a funk classic, melt into a melancholic song sung “by the kidneys”, rock out to a seminal EDM track and have a proper giggle at the joyfully surreal sound of an ocarina trio duetting with a bass bassoon.


Music choices

  • Dynasty –  I Don’t Want To Be A Freak (But I Can’t Help Myself)   Listen / Buy
  • Mara Carlyle & Max de Wardener – Follow Me Through (live on Late Junction with juice)  Original version: Listen / Buy
  • Joey Beltram- Mentasm   Listen / Buy
  • Leo Addeo & His Orchestra – Love Is Just Around the Corner   Listen / Buy
  • Nicolette – High Wave   Listen / Buy
  • Nicolette – Fascination (MaJiKer remix)   Listen / Buy

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