18) Music Meets – Josephine Stephenson


MaJiKer’s guest on this edition of the Music Meets podcast is Franco-British composer, soprano and multi-instrumentalist Josephine Stephenson.

They share musical treats from both sides of the channel and explore the differences between the French and English languages in pop. They also discuss contemporary opera, some vintage drum’n’bass and a cellist with a very unusual bow.


Music choices

  • Christine and the Queens – Amazoniaque   Listen / (release deleted)
  • Les Double Six – Au Bout du Fil (Meet Benny Bailey)   Listen / Buy
  • Oliver Coates – Raimondas Rumsas *   Watch / Buy
    * Composed by Laurence Crane
  • DJ Krust – Burning   Listen / Buy
  • Josephine Stephenson – On False Perspective (extract)    Watch
  • Zaza Fournier – Hotel Des Acacias   Listen / Buy

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