12) Music Meets – Nico Muhly


MaJiKer’s guest on this edition of the Music Meets podcast is Nico Muhly – composer, arranger, conductor and all-round wunderkind of contemporary music.

They explore the intricacies of Balinese Gamelan, the whimsy of John Adams, the intensity of Kate Bush and the realness of Mary J. Blige. Also discussed is experimental cuisine and how not to be afraid of cooking a whole fish.


Music choices

  • John Adams – China Gates   Listen / Buy
  • Gamelan : STSI Denpasar – Puspanjali   Listen / Buy
  • Mary J. Blige – Work That   Listen / Buy
  • Kate Bush – Suspended In Gaffa   Listen / Buy
  • Nico Muhly – Étude 1A   Listen / Buy
  • The NORTH Project & Sam Lee – Pines (Ingen vinner frem til den evige ro)   Listen / Buy

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