9) Music Meets – Páll Óskar


MaJiKer’s guest on this edition of the Music Meets podcast is Icelandic superstar, cultural icon, Eurovision legend and social activist Páll Óskar AKA Paul Oscar.

They chat about Eurovision, how to write a great pop song and discuss music from Donna Summer, a Bulgarian choir, a gay erotic electro pioneer, an Icelandic lullaby and Pàll’s latest Number One smash hit single!


Music choices

  • Patrick Cowley – Mockingbird Dream   Listen / Buy
  • Margaret Berger — I Feed You My Love   Listen / Buy
  • Donna Summer – Now I Need You   Listen / Buy
  • Le Mystère Des Voix Bulgares – Erghen Diado (Bachelor Grandpa, Song Of Schopsko) Listen / Buy
  • Páll Óskar – Líttu upp í ljós   Listen / Free Download
  • The NORTH Project & Unnur Andrea – Geysir (Sofðu unga ástin mín)   Listen / Buy

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