6) Music Meets – Deborah Coughlin


On this edition of the Music Meets podcast, MaJiKer’s guest is the founder of GAGGLE, songwriter, art director & cultural commentator Deborah Coughlin.

They discuss the role of women in music via a nihilistic post-punk anthem, a North African gender-bending dance tune and the lady who pretty much invented rock’n’roll… in 1941.


Music choices

  • Björk – Who Is It (Bell Choir Mix)   Listen / Buy
  • Sister Rosetta Tharpe – That’s All   Listen / Buy / Documentary
  • Cristina – Is That All There Is   Listen / Buy
  • Cheba Zahouania – Aytouli âlih   Listen / Buy
  • GAGGLE – Future   Listen / Buy
  • The NORTH Project & GAGGLE – Earth (Krummavísur)   Listen / Buy

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